Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to May 2, 2017


The meeting will be held at the FedEx Institute of Technology on the main campus of the University of Memphis.
Map and contact information
Local hosts for the meeting are Rob Williams, Saunak Sen, and Ramin Homayouni.


We will send out more details on registration and the program very soon.
We are extending the meeting one day (3.5 days total) and will probably have workshops and satellite meetings before and after the main event.

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Important Deadlines & Registration

Registration and Abstract Submission Deadline Extended to May 2, 2017. Click here.
Registration cost is expected to range from $200 for students to $350 for faculty. We hope for up to about 200 participants this year (about what we can accommodate easily). So register early!
Registration is open.


Here are the current members of the program committee:

The program committee will be selecting themes/topic areas for 9 or more 90 minute sessions over 3 days. Also some workshops in the evenings.

FedEx Institute of Technology

We would like to over-represent methodological, technical, computational, and statistical presentations that can be used widely regardless of application area/field of study or species. Keep that in mind when thinking about abstracts that will be more likely to be included in sessions.